The items from the collection are made from 2 different types of leather. Both types of leather are manufactured at a tannery in Italy, are of high quality and are carefully selected for imperfections.

One of the types of leather we use is vegetable-tanned leather. This leather has a smooth surface and feels sturdy. The term “vegetable tanned” means that the leather is tanned trough natural tannins such as plants, leaves, and bark. It is a hugely complex and time-consuming process that is carried out in the traditional way by highly experienced professionals. The natural tannins often give the leather a rich, deep color. Because the tanning proces is completely natural, the leather will develop a beautiful patina over time. Moisture and grease can leave their marks on the surface, giving each product a unique appearance. The leather is sensitive to scratches, but small damages can be polished away or will fade away over time. The colors of vegetable tanned leather used in the collection are “Onyx” (black) and “Rust” (brown).

The other type of leather is full-grain leather with a soft touch and a beautiful texture on the surface. The skins are dyed through and through which retaines the color fastness for a long time and makes the leather relatively resistant to water, stains and heat. The leather is sturdy and yet feels extremely soft. Because the bags are made of this leather makes them real eye catchers. The 3 colors used in the collection are “Charcoal” (black), “Cognac” (brown), and “Moon” (beige-gray).


handgemaakte kleine leren schoudertas evy


You can enjoy a leather product for a long time. An investment that you can enjoy for seasons, or even years. I Therefore, it is important to take care of the item as well as possible, and to maintain it to prevent stains and dehydration. All products from Atelier Judith van den Berg are immediately treated with a dirt-repellent spray. It is recommended to repeat this regularly yourself.
Depending on the type of leather that your accessorie is made of, you can do different things to prevent or remove dirt.
For leather with a smooth surface (with the exception of vegetable-tanned leather, due to its sensitivity to water) you can treat stains with water with with a small solution of green soap or diluted baby shampoo. Do not make the leather too wet and let it air dry (not in direct sunlight). You can remove rain spots by rubbing the leather together or dab it with a dry shammy.
You can treat grease stains and stains in suede or nubuck with talcum powder. Sprinkle some talcum powder on the stain, let it rest overnight and wipe it off the next morning.